Upper Deck and the big ripoff

posted 2020 Jul by Doug Stevenson

Well this is a first for me. I'm putting it our there about how much of a rip off Upper Deck is. With all there rules and restrictions it is incredible how they can get away with it especially here in Canada where competition and price fixing are frowned upon. There are two legit distributors in Canada who must jump at UD's crack of the whip. Of course that is easy to do when you are raking in the cash unlike the sellers who make peanuts on products. Of course you have to make peanuts because the prices keep going up to cover all of UD's continued problems. For example this years UD Ice hockey went up despite being less packs AGAIN. First it was ten packs, then eight and now five despite going up in price and giving us less. Further rants to follow.

First Post

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